Marble tile, 7 characteristics?


                    Marble tile, its earliest definition is: follow the precious marble stone texture of a kind of ceramic tile products, that is, one of the mainstream selection of household decoration; marble tile products not only perfectly revitalize the precious texture of natural stone, but also the superior physical properties of ceramic tiles to the extreme, marble tile is also the best decorative effect of ceramic tile products.

                    1. Fidelity-Stone Reduction (>99.9%)

                    The fidelity is the life of marble tiles. The good marble tiles can reproduce the true stone style to a large extent, and the high quality marble tiles can only have the reduction degree of more than 99.9%.

                    2. Repeatability-non-repetitive area of striated texture (> 5 square meters)

                    Repetition is an important characteristic of marble tile. Rich texture of marble tile will make the space appear smooth and natural, continuous, and bring pleasant and wonderful visual enjoyment. Repetition of texture will make the space appear stiff and rigid. Non-repetitive area of marble texture (> 5 square meters) is a necessary feature of marble tile.

                    3. Fine India-High Precision Spray Printing with 0-mesh for 360DPI Brick Surface

                    The surface texture of high quality marble tile should be 0 mesh and high precision spray printing with 360DPI accuracy.

                    4. The degree of vitrification-water absorption is less than 0.05%.

                    Water absorption is an important standard to measure the quality of marble tile. Low water absorption brick is not easy to hide dirt and dirt, and easy to handle. Super high quality marble tile should have water absorption less than or equal to 0.05%.

                    5. Hardness-Mohr hardness should be greater than or equal to grade 6

                    The higher the Mohs hardness, the stronger the resistance to friction and pressure. If the hardness of the ceramic tile is insufficient, the ceramic tile will be very vulnerable to damage. The Mohs hardness of the ultra-high quality marble ceramic tile should be no less than 6 grades.

                    6. Self-cleanliness-anti-pollution coefficient should be greater than or equal to grade 5

                    Self-cleanliness comes from the density of glaze. The higher the density, the more difficult the stain is to penetrate into the ceramic tile. The anti-fouling coefficient should be greater than or equal to grade 5 to meet the requirements of ultra-high quality marble tile.

                    7. Density - Weight of tiles per square metre (> 25Kg)

                    Different brands, the same size of ceramic tile, the higher the weight means that the thicker the ceramic tile, the more sufficient the material and the higher the density, the density of marble ceramic tile to meet the weight of ceramic tile per square metre (> 25Kg).